Denver Broncos at Dallas Cowboys NFL Betting Tips

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Dever Broncos have been on fire this season winning every game so far and lead the divison 4-0, Cowboys also lead they're divison but are at 2-2 going into this game at the Cowboy's Stadium.

Denver Broncos and Payton Manning have been on Form all season and many people are taking them as a team to go not just 16-0 but to win the Superbowl and that was after week 1 and its now week 5 and the only thing that has changed is Manning seems to be getting better.

The Cowboys are "America's Team" but seem to be hit and miss as I found out taking them as Favorites in week 4 to beat the the chargers only to watch in horror at what was going on in front of me.

As you would read in my article for the Ravens @ Dolphins game the penalties can kill a game and team this is what happened in cowboys game and seems to be a consistant thing. They have given away 21 penaltys in 4 games for 172 yards thats over 1 and a half pitches of penalty yardage in just 4 games.158

Manning is averaging 12.5 yards a throw (117 completed for 1470 yards) and seems to have more weapons on offence than any team in the NFL.

Even the Points per game after 4 for the Broncos is off the charts.

Dallas do have the ball in they're hands for more time than the broncos nobody can even get close to the broncos points, yardage and 3rd down conversion rate.

Broncos have a 44.75 points per game compared to 26 for Cowboys and the number of yards the wide recievers are putting up in denver nobody can get close.

On defence Broncos are allowing nearly 23 points a game but when your nearly doubling it on offence your not concerned, Cowboys allowing 21 points per game but this will go up after the broncos have left town.


The Cowboys are undefeated at Home after 2 games and seem to be able to win at home with the crowd behind them where on the road they seem to struggle to put the ball in the end zone as much as they would want. This isnt helped by the penalty's they are giving away.

On Skybet they have the Broncos at a very generous -7 points at 5/6 or Dallas +7 at evens.

Total points they have over and under 56.5 at 10/11 and if you want to back them just to win Denver again at a great 1/3 and Cowboys 5/2.

In My View I'd back the Broncos hard on all 3 odds straight up, handicapped and over 56.5 as I can not see anybody but Denver winning this game. The way the Cowboys couldnt connect on offence against the chargers was a worry and manning could pick his out with his eyes closed. Denver should win and make money at the same time.

Denver Broncos @ Dallas Cowboys Betting Tips

Denver Broncos -7 Handicap – 5/6 Sky Bet

Total points over 56.5 – 5/6 Sportingbet

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