Bayern Munich v Arsenal Bet365 In-Play Free £50

It's a huge match at the Allianz Arena! 


It's another Champions League night and to celebrate Bet365 have come up with a real treat! Once again Bet365 are giving you the chance to get a totally risk free £50 in-play bet on the game. 

This offer is open to all Bet365 customers, new and existing.  You’ll get a totally risk free bet in-play on the match, but how will you use it?


Bayern Munich v Arsenal In-Play Free Bet:


Bet365 run this betting offer a few times a season so if you haven’t got an account we’d suggest opening one via this link – Bet365 InPlay Offer so you’ve got it ready for this and the other free in-play offers this season.


Here is how you get your totally risk free in-play bet. It’s so easy.

  1. Bet on a Bayern v Arsenal bet before the game kicks-off (up to £50).
  2. Then bet once the match kicks-off on a bet costing you the same amount.
  3. If your second bet loses, Bet365 will give you a full cash refund that can be bet with again, or withdrawn.


There are a number of ways to utilise your free bet, here's how we're going to do it:


Bet £50 on pre-match on Bayern Munich (-1) on the handicap. Which is currently available at Evens. If the bet wins, you will get £100.00 in return. 

Once the match kicks off, have your £50 bet on Thomas Muller to score anytime. It's also available at Evens and therefore will return £100.00

If Thomas Muller doesn't find the net, you get a £50 CASH REFUND! It's totally risk free. 


If Bayern win by a margin of 2 goals or more and Thomas Muller finds the net, you'll get £200

If Bayern win by a margin of 2 goals or more, but Muller fails to score. You'll get £100 and a £50 CASH REFUND! (£150)

If Bayern fail to win by a margin of 2 goals or more, BUT Muller scores, you'll get £100 (the same as your stake)



Bayern Munich v Arsenal Tips for Bet365’s In-play free £50 

Before kick off – £50 on Bayern (-1) Handicap  to win £100

After kick off – £50 on Thomas Muller to score anytime to win £100 or get a £50 refund


How to get £50 free in-play for Bayern Munich v Arsenal:

1. Click this link straight to Bet365's In-Play Offer

2. Open a new account for free or sign-in

3. Bet up to £50 before Bayern Munich v Arsenal kicks-off

4. Bet on any other bet in-play

5. If your in-play bet loses you get a full cash refund that can be withdrawn