Guarantee Profit Using the Bet365 Free £50 In-play Champions League Bet

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Bet365 continue their fantastic promotion this weekend, offering all customers a risk free £50 in play bet on the Champions League final. All customers who place a bet pre-game is entitled to a free bet in play on the variety of live markets that bet365 have to offer.

Once again, we can take advantage of the offer to make a guaranteed profit on the match, completely legally, and in compliance with all relevant T&C's.

If you did not read my explanation of this offer in a previous article previewing the semi final, please read here before continuing. This article will assume that you are familiar with terms such as Bet to Nothing and Matched Bet, along with tips on what to look out for when placing this sort of bet.

The match itself should be fascinating, and played at a very high tempo. Put simply, the performances of Bayern Munich this season have been ridiculous. Since mid December, in which time Bayern have played 31 games in all competitions, they have won 29. The two exceptions are the second leg of the Champions League against Arsenal, in a game which was virtually wrapped up from the first leg, and, incidentally, a league match against Dortmund a few weeks ago which finished 1-1. However, this result should not be considered particularly significant; both teams were resting players ahead of the main event. In other words, Bayern Munich have been by far and away the most impressive side in the whole of Europe this season.

Enter Borussia Dortmund. Under the leadership of eccentric manager Jurgen Klopp, they've beaten the odds to stand within one game of European glory. With an abundance of attacking talent (with Gotze or no Gotze), they have the ability to cause even the best sides in Europe problems (just ask Real Madrid). They have lost their intensity in previous weeks, dropping points in the Bundesliga, but again, don't read too much into this, they've been resting players.

With these things in mind, I've put together a few different suggestions for bet pairings that have varying outlays, and various potential profits. Remember, that in all cases, you are guaranteed to at least break even; you can not possibly lose money if you place the bet correctly.

As a reminder, the idea is to place a £50 bet in the pre-match market with bet365, and another bet on the exact same market as soon as the game kicks off. We also lay the bet on an exchange site such as Betfair. By being clever with the amount we bet on betfair, we can either lock in a guaranteed profit (matched betting), or have a bet to nothing, where we will either win a certain amount of money if the bet comes in, or have our stake return if it doesn't. If this sounds a bit unclear, take a look at my previous article which explains this in more detail.

How to Guarantee Profit

Suggestion 1:

I am a huge fan of Dortmund. When they are in full flow, their style of play can genuinely be compared to that of Barcelona. Having said that, I think this Bayern Munich side is so strong, it would be ridiculous to oppose them. I simply can not see them not winning this game. Therefore my first suggestion is Bayern Munich to win the match in 90 minutes.

Bet to Nothing:

Back Bayern to win on bet365 @ 1.75. £50 before the game, £50 after kick off.

Lay Bayern to win on betfair @ 1.79. The “backers stake” should be £52.63.

In this case, if Bayern fail to win, you will get your stake refunded in full. However, if Bayern do win, you will pocket around £34 (depending on price changes)

Matched Bet:

Back Bayern to win on bet365 @ 1.75. £50 before the game, £50 after kick off.

Lay Bayern to win on betfair @ 1.79. The “backers stake” should be £71.50.

In this case, regardless of the outcome, you will pocket £18 profit.

Suggestion 2:

While it's difficult to up to profit from a matched bet, increasing potential winnings in a bet to nothing is easy. Just like a 'normal' bet, if you increase the odds, you increase potential winnings. The only difference is with a Bet to Nothing, you simply can not lose money. The worst case scenario is to have your stake returned to you. The only trade off is that you need more money in your betfair account to start off with.

With this in mind, here's a suggestion that could be very profitable indeed. I've already spoke about the attacking firepower of both teams, and I think this means that there will be goals. Therefore, my second suggestion is to back over 3.5 goals in the match.

Back over 3.5 goals on bet365 at 2.75. £50 before the game, £50 after kick off.

Lay over 3.5 goals on betfair at 3.1. Backers stake should be £52.63 (like before).

In this case, if there isn't over 3.5 goals, your stake will be returned to you. However, if there is over 3.5 goals in the game, you will win £187.

As before, I should warn everyone to be careful. Take care when placing these bets, because if you place them wrong, you could potentially lose a lot of money. I haven't done anything magical to guarantee these profits; the trick is to try to find a market where the price on bet365 is as close to the betfair price as possible. Then, the higher the odds, the more potential winnings are there for the taking if you are attempting a Bet to Nothing. Whenever you are placing a bet to nothing, the magic number to lay is £52.63. This means that after betfair take your commission, you will return a £50 profit, which is exactly the amount you would lose in your bet365 account, thus covering your losses.

Let me reiterate that this method is backed up by simple, foolproof mathematics. It's not magic, it's certainly not illegal, and it's the best way to make money through betting.

If you have any further questions, or would like to find out more about risk free matched betting, feel free to follow me at @tom29whu.


Bayern Munich to win the match in 90 minutes.

Over 3.5 goals in the game

You need a Bet365 and a Betfair account to guarantee profit on the Champions League final.

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